Art Vs Business

by Grace Njeri

Hello Fam,

I hope your week is coming along just fine wherever you are reading this from.

I always put alot of thought into any outfit before I put it here in my style archives and that gets me obsessively thinking. “Is this outfit blog worthy?” or “Can anyone get inspiration from this?” While that may be my best attempt to make this place worth coming to, I realize that takes out all of the fun from something that I love… Fashion blogging.

What happened to the days when it was as easy as… I like how this looks, I’m sharing it! How do you draw a line between business and art? It is exciting when it’s all about the art and creating something new but the hard part comes when I ask myself, will this get enough views, will a lot of people read this? Can I get paid for this?

While I am still working towards finding the balance to that, I choose to use the fire inside me pull me in the right direction. My intuition if you will. Anything in our lives should not live up to other people’s unrealistic standards and that was my light bulb moment of the week guys. Duh Njeri!

This might be very different for each one of you reading this today but I do hope it can apply somehow in your life.

Shop My Look

Photography By Mwaniki Weddings

Make up by Beauty by EE

Maroon Ruffled T-shirt with Bardot Neckline 

White Skinny Pants

Silver Moon Necklace





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