Blended Bacon for Blog of the Year?

by Grace Njeri

Hello there,

I don’t always wear statement pieces like the ones I have been sharing with you in the last few posts, I like to dress like this most times because this look is quite easy to pull.  A pair of skinny trousers, chiffon top, a jacket, doll shoes and bam!! your set!! If you want to be a little bit extra like I did, you’ve got to add the heels. This pair of skinny trousers is from N3Milles, and if you have siblings you may know something about shopping in your sisters closet and always wanting their clothes, which is where I got my chiffon top and jacket.


thumb_DSC_1462_1024In other news, I have been nominated for blog of the year by the Kenya Glamor Awards. To the ladies and gentlemen who have been nominated for the same category as myself and all the other categories,  Best of luck and may the best man/ woman win!  If you have a moment to spare and would like to vote for my blog, all  you have to do is text KGA38 to 22448. You can vote as many times as you would like.

For those who have already voted, thank you so so much for your support.

Photography by Mwaniki Will

Black pants- N3Milles

Talk soon!!



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