Budget Shopping

by Grace Njeri

The first thing people see when they meet us is our outfit and a lot of times we get judged by how we look. Sometimes even our best efforts to look good are thwarted when someone else walks into a room so well dressed you just want to crawl out through the back door and go back home. You can almost always tell when a rich woman walks into a room with oversize bags, expensive smelling perfume and enough jewellery to stock a shop. But what happens when you have to look good on a budget,better yet,look expensive and classy.

My outfit today is all from thrift but I have mastered the art of rummaging through the piles and selecting brands that are known for quality clothing. I literally walk around looking at the labels and if the item is in good condition or needs just minor adjustments I take it home. I wash and have it ironed, sometimes even dry-cleaned. The results is  items that look as good as new and that will serve you for a while. Seeing as a lot of people shop in toi market and other such places I figure this tip may help. Next time, take time to look at the labels. The outfits may be from old collections but the point is to show up and show out for occasions without anyone thinking you are on a budget.(wink*)

DSC_1483 DSC_1485DSC_1487 DSC_1488DSC_1492

Photography by Mwaniki Will

Shop my Look

Blue top – Thrift

White Skinnys- Thrift

Shoes- Backyard Shoes


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