Colors of Geranium

by Grace Njeri

As I sit here and type this post, I realize how I have learnt a whole lot during my short 4 months as a blogger. Every day has been a learning experience and I wouldn’t take back any of those experiences. I have never been that girl who adores flowers but as I grow older I am developing a whole new appreciation for flowers and gardening. I guess I am aging well.

I spent the past Saturday in Redhill Limuru visiting Green Spa Farm. This was my first time visiting a flower farm and my excitement was out of this world. Truthfully, I spent half the day saying ‘Gemanium’ and wondered why everyone kept laughing. Oh well… Now I know. These Geranium beauties bloom in literally all colors and best part is that I got to take some flowers with me.

I was wearing a black jump suit and a bag that has so many compartments and so much space I can carry the entire greenhouse if they allowed me.    20160416_131909 (Custom)

20160416_132234 (Custom)

20160416_131738 (Custom)

20160416_131111 (Custom)

20160416_133805 (Custom)

20160416_132828 (Custom) 20160416_132801 (Custom) 20160416_132735 (Custom)

Thank you for reading!

Photography by Mia Muhoro

Location: Redhill Limuru – Green Spa Ltd

Black Jumpsuit: Thrifts

Lipstick: Revlon

Watch: Daniel Wellington


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