I Can’t do This No More!

by Grace Njeri

Hello my lovelies

For starters, please feel free to comment on the state of my eyebrows, I know they end suddenly, but not to worry these were the days I was a rookie make up artist. Well, I still am.

The hair ladies, please let me not get started on natural hair problems. <I am actually going to get started > I sometimes question my life choices wondering why on earth I have allowed myself to suffer in the name of looking like a true African woman yet the one look I am able to achieve is untidy. If you have natural hair you probably understand what I am talking about. From the endless hours required to just put that afro together yet there is a great possibility that it won’t make it to the end of the day, to the number of hair products required and the cost of those products . *sigh*

Well, I speak for myself when I say  #Ican’tdothisnomore




Thank you for reading

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Esiankiki October 4, 2016 - 15:37

I totally get you Natural hair is not easy tough hair and looking like you are having a bad hair day all the time is no fun at all

Tinna October 16, 2016 - 12:40

I love your eyebrows. they are a good shape for your face and also give you a tidy look 🙂


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