My Food addiction

by Grace Njeri

Hello there,

I hope you have been reading my last three posts because they have been very informative and this post will refer to one thing or another I talked about in the last three posts. Now that I have been spending a little more time at Mister Wok I feel confident enough to tell you that you have nothing to worry about when choosing menu items. One big misconception about Chinese food  is that there are weird  items and you are not sure what’s in the meal. Having heard rumors of how snails and chicken taste  the same , you don’t want to take any chances. Being a Kenyan brand, I guarantee you there is nothing like snails and frogs on the menu.

Now, with that out of the way, I am a huuuuuge fan of going out to eat. Honestly if my pocket allowed me to, I would eat out most times but my wallet reminds me there is food at home. This is where Mister Wok comes in really handy because all meals are shared meals. This means that you get to share the meal and the bill too.  It is also not easy to dine alone and having a meal with friends and family is everything!!

Remember I told you guys about my favorite dishes at Mister Wok? well scratch those! Everyday has been a learning experience for me  and here are some of my current faves.

Now these Vegetable spring rolls are just amazing but for the longest time I have always ignored the sauces given on the side. These sauces are amazing guys, You just have to find the perfect mix.


002-golden-fried-prawnsI had the Schezuan Chicken a few days ago when Mister Wok hosted the Jamati Health Committee. If you missed that, please like the Mister Wok Page to see all the activities and events of that day.


Let me just say I am addicted to Toffee banana with Ice Cream. So much flavor in each bite I do want to water it down for you with an explanation. For those who intend to have this during your next visit, Your Welcome!!


Thank you for reading and see you at Mister Wok!!

Love always



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