Nailed It!

by Grace Njeri

Hello there,

Do you have cold dull days when you still want to look fabulous and bright? That is what this look is about. A comfortable trench coat that is bright, a wonderful pair of well fitting tights and heels to keep you above the stresses of the day. A quick side bar here about my nails, I bite them, I would like to stop, but I can’t seem to get myself to actually stop.

Blogging had me go the extra mile to look fabulous so I had some fitted in to hide my natural nails so I stop bitting them. I have enjoyed having good looking nails though. I illustrate with my hands quite a lot nowadays just to make sure everyone notices them. So you can imagine how much more regal I felt and looked when my nails look the part. But back to the outfit, we all need a good light trench coat that can move from a nice formal meeting in the day to a fancy night out seamlessly. I basically nailed that look didn’t I? See what I did there? 😉


thumb_DSC_1312_1024 thumb_DSC_1315_1024 thumb_DSC_1318_1024

thumb_DSC_1316_1024 thumb_DSC_1321_1024


Photography by Mwaniki Will

Trench Coat- Thrifted

Black Tights- Mr Price

Heels- Beverly Heels

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