Proud Queen of Repeats

by Grace Njeri

Have you had an outfit that is bomb af it doesn’t matter whether you wore torn shoes you know you look just as cute.

Or is it the fact that I have become the #QueenofRepeats  #ProudQueenofRepeats with the black heels? The ones I have worn HERE , HERE,  HERE  and many other times. Guys this is what happens when you tell me I’m wearing them too much!! I have nothing else to wear!!

Now that I am spilling all the beans, let me say that the top is a repeat too 😉

Contrary to popular belief, I spend most of my time in flat shoes and these are the only heels that I can wear and comfortably have them on all day.

Thank you for the honesty. These shoes are officially out of the blog. 😉

Complete Look: Waridi Kenya

Photography: Mwaniki Weddings


Love and Love




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1 comment

Marion May 22, 2017 - 08:50

Such a pretty outfit!! #LoveIt 🙂
Slay Queen of Repeats, Slay!


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