Story of my Life

by Grace Njeri

I am sure you are probably wondering what I am going to talk about based on my title. I am actually referring to my hair. Before I talk about my current hair style, I have to take you back to 23 years ago. Ever since I was born, I have always been those children with messy hair. Even after crying and braving myself through the torture of a salon, I would have untidy hair in no time.Many years later, my hair is still crazy. I get stares all the time from family and friends and they always ask “Have you combed your hair today?” and my favorite question is “Are you going to leave the house like that?” and yes, I always leave the house like that.

I have changed my hair so many times, From Natural hair to permed hair to a short bob to blonde hair and currently I am back to natural hair. I will share all those looks on my blog in the next post. To all those with natural hair out there, I am sure you understand my current struggles. Frozen hair, running out of options and you don’t want to blow-dry too much because it weakens your hair, curls that aren’t working, and wondering why your hair doesn’t look like Sheila Ndinda even after taking the trouble.

I would like to hear some of your struggles too. This look is a simple look that I easily rock after undoing my braids. I will be sharing insights and tips on how I do my hair every other day. From straight hair to curly hair and some of the products that have worked for me.

DSC_3731 (Custom)

DSC_3728 (Custom)

DSC_3730 (Custom)

DSC_3726 (Custom)

Photography by Will Mwaniki

Makeup by Wambui Muhoro

Black Lace – Atmosphere

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Wambui March 21, 2016 - 10:31

If only I had the strength to change my hair like you

Marion M March 22, 2016 - 23:08

Oh my!Totally the story of my hair-life too!Haha I can so relate…esp. that Sheila Ndinda part..Lol 😀 😀

I have now decided to pray on it!
Keep sharing-and your natural look is superb! 🙂


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