That African Sauce

by Grace Njeri

Hello there,

I hope your week is coming along just fine.

I was going to talk about the nitty-gritty of this outfit because that is what a good style blogger should do…inform you about outfits but allow me to digress a little bit before I come back to the outfit.

I have always wanted to use the #AfricanSauce or #AfricanMagic or #AfricanSOMETHING but I have been waiting for a moment like this when even my outfit (some of it at least ) agrees with my hashtag. 🙂 well ladies and gentlemen my opportunity is here.

I am also going to keep it 100% real for a second and tell you that as much as I love this jacket I do not actually own it. This was designed for me by a designer who later asked for it so African outfit wise, I’m back to square one.

The jewelry, I loved the gemstone bracelets from mina gems. If you are looking for a perfect gift for you and your partner / boyfriend, this is an ideal gift. They are a set of two bracelets with one bead from each bracelet put in your partners bracelet and vice versa.

Also how cool is the necklace with your name initial on it? You can shop those HERE.

I  would also like to thank The Hub Karen for giving me an opportunity to create great content there. Otherwise ladies and gentlemen, I will keep in short and sweet for you today till next week.


Love Always

The Blendie / Former Blended Bacon  🙂

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Photography : Mwaniki Will

Jeans : Bershka

Jewelry : Mina Gems 

Makeup: Beauty By EE

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