Why I’m Changing My Blog’s Name

by Grace Njeri

Yes I have changed my blog’s name!

I have been battling with the decision to change my blog’s name from Blended Bacon to something else and quite frankly this has not been an easy one. I have found myself losing sleep over this decision. I’m going to point out the obvious and tell you that you should seriously think about your blog’s name before you start your blog so that you do not end up in a predicament like mine.

Side-note : That tip probably shouldn’t come from me because I didn’t do that.

If you ask anyone who knows me, they will tell you I can be impulsive and most times I follow my gut. When I started the blog, I was extremely excited to get started so I scrambled the name Blended Bacon together and it worked out just fine but now a year later,  I feel like it doesn’t say who I really am besides a writer.

I want this space to be a real depiction of a young lady trying to find her way in life and in the world. In many ways Blended Bacon doesn’t say that. Last year when I was googling the crap out of “How to come up with a successful blog”  and the first tip given is NOT to change your brand name every other day so with that in mind I have really thought this through and obviously I have no intention of changing this name again.

My first thought was to change the name to my official name – Grace Njeri but that didn’t feel right and one  night it occurred to me, why can’t I be  The Blendie . I liked the name because I got to keep part of my former name and to be honest I really am a blend of many things. Besides my love for fashion and writing,  I am lots of  things – aren’t we all a blend of many things that make us us? This name is probably less dramatic but more meaningful for me.

You may have seen the change of hash tags on my social media and wondered what on earth is wrong with this girl. Can she get her hash tags right? Well that is why! If you find yourself still searching for blended bacon, do not worry, the link will lead you right here!

I am really excited for this journey because this is not only just a change of name for me but a rebrand too. To my day one reader please let me what you think of the new name. Do you like it?

Love Always

Former Blended Bacon,

Now The Blendie.

Photography by Ciku Nyawira

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eve June 6, 2017 - 15:20

Hi blendie…i loved the name blended bacon coz i thought it was original..but after reading this article i love blendie more. I get where you are coming from. Wish you all the best


Grace Njeri June 6, 2017 - 15:31

Hi Eve, Thank you so much! I’m glad you love it. 🙂


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