Instagram Vs Real-Life

by Grace Njeri

Today I decided to do a post on Instagram vs real life because I feel like in a way my Instagram life is not an actual representation of my real life. It is… but not quite. Before I embarked on this filtered and staged journey through Instagram, I would mock those who I have now become. One thing that strikes my mind is the days I used to mock my sister for watching makeup tutorials on YouTube. What a novice I was!!

Now, I am going to share painfully true stories of what I was trying to portray in the photo and what was actually happening. Seeing as my last post was extremely long, I will share half of them and if you do want to hear the other half, please let me know with a comment below and I will put up the other half.

 The #I have a thing for big windows shot:

Instagram: I have a thing for big windows, I sit here from my fancy house and stare out the window looking at my fantastic view obviously because I have no care in the world.

Real Life: I am sitting inside the kitchen sink, with my back arched forward just a little to look extremely comfortable and natural and not too much to look weird till we get the perfect shot. Ps: I am in a short dress but I can’t act like I am feeling the wrath of the cold steel on my bum.

Casual Selfie on a Sunday afternoon

Instagram: It’s a casual Sunday, looking good, feeling good,  #Iwokeuplikethis #slay #blessed #blameitonJesus #Sundayvibes  #*inserts blessed quote*

Real life: I spent half the day getting dolled up by Elaine, and then spent half of the rest of the day working to get the perfect selfie. And who on earth looks like this on a casual Sunday?

Casual stroll in the forest with heels shot.

Instagram: I casually stroll with my heels in the forest. Obviously I can do my own run way show in the forest with heels on because I do not sink in the sand. Who sinks in the sand??

Real Life:  You have no idea how many times I had to go back and forth till I didn’t look like I was five seconds away from a stroke. My heels are half way if not all the way in the mud and with every strut I have to pull them from the soil with a smile.

Girls who lunch shot


Instagram: Obviously I am a member of a cool and prestigious clique of girls #mysquad #girlfriends . We have no jobs but we have so much money to spend our days in hotels and restaurants having expensive lunches.

Real Life: I almost stood on top of my seat to get this shot quickly before my meal got cold and I spend my real days in an office working. Also in real life I have a very small circle of friends.

The #Vacay Shot

Instagram: I am always on vacation, #travelgram #livingthedream. I spend my days in expensive hotels and after a swim I lie there on the bed and sun bath. I’m not afraid of the suntan I can get from 45 degrees weather.

Real Life: This was my last night in the hotel and I did not have the ‘by the pool shot.’  How else can you say you were on vacation without the pool shot? I only lay on that bed for less than a minute to get the shot and I was out of there.

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Finding purpose February 16, 2017 - 12:11

I love, love, love the sincerity of this post 🙂 You couldn’t have said it better, infact part of my fear is putting up a reality that isn’t really my reality and causing innocent people to think my life is purfect. Even if I could, no picture in this whole wide word can aptly capture the stress, joy, disappointments, and everything going on in my life.

Thank you Grace 🙂

Sherry Ann February 16, 2017 - 14:05

This is so true and I wish we would stop stressing about how others are living perfect lives on social media and simply love and be ourselves. Looking forward to the last half of this piece.

Simply Siro March 12, 2017 - 09:08 true..if people saw the realness behind an awesome pic..we would all be called frauds..hehe

evalyn munge May 22, 2017 - 10:13

Hahahaha this is so funny


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