Join me for Dinner?

by Grace Njeri

If you read my post last week, then you know my new project is Mister Wok. If you didn’t, now you know. Now this project is close to my heart because you know how much my skinny self loves to eat. I am however a fussy foodie so I will only take you guys where the good food is. This job is amazing because I get to interact with different people all while having a good time. For the next 12 weeks I will take someone for dinner with me at Mister Wok. Get in touch with me if you would like to come for dinner and I will select someone every week. This time I was with food blogger Munchlabunch. We had an amazing time and I shall give you the whole story in a little bit.

One of the biggest misconceptions I have seen is the fact that Mister Wok doesn’t cross your mind when you imagine Chinese food. I will let you know now that it is the finest Chinese restaurant you will come across, and my work here is to prove to you that it is.


So our evening begun with us trying to make some vegetable spring rolls which backfired so the chef had to make for us. Side note, shout out to people who throw it down in the kitchen like Mister Wok. While we waited for the spring rolls and chicken wings we had Tom Kha Thai soup which is so fantastic. I learnt that noodles come from flour … LOL!!!I thought you just buy them in the supermarket. You can laugh at me its okay or I just taught you something new. You can catch all the pictures on my Instagram too.


dscn5142 dscn5129

Anyway we had noodles, vegetable rice, chicken in black bean sauce and beef broccoli. I told you all I eat a lot and Munachlabunch was the perfect date. No shame in loving your food. Fashion is art; food is art; everything is art. And good food and heaven are synonymous.


All of these dishes were so fresh you guys. I guess that’s why we couldn’t stop chowing down! Next time you want Chinese food try these meals at Mister Wok. I promise you you will love it.

dscn5191 dscn5196

Oh and for desert we had toffee banana with ice cream. Slater & Whittaker provided a Pinotage from the house of Van Loveren. Speaking in lay man terms it was a fantastic red wine.


Disclaimer: The next few posts will be this long but I am grateful that you lovely humans are reading all the way to the end. I love you all for coming here and I hope to see you come for dinner with me or get a voucher from Mister wok.

To join me next time, describe your ideal meal at Mister Wok Facebook  or Instagram by liking and commenting on the soup of the day. Our panel will choose one lucky comment and I shall inbox the lucky winner and invite you to join me for dinner.

Thank you for making it to the end 🙂

Love always








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Munchlabunch October 10, 2016 - 17:16

The food is amazing! Never dissapoints! and the interior decor and style is super unique! To top it all off the outdoors is just lovely!


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