by Grace Njeri

Hello friend,

About a month ago I was on the internet one morning feeling extremely frustrated by how difficult running your own business is and that morning all I wanted was to shut down every ongoing project I was working on and start submitting job applications.

One of the job applications I was submitting had this question : WHAT IS THE ONE THING YOU LIKE THE MOST ABOUT YOURSELF?

This seems like a pretty straightforward and simple question right? I wrote a bunch of stories in that answer but later that day I was like gosh… was what I said even true? Do I even love those things about myself?

A month later if I could edit my answer , I would say the one thing I truly truly like the most about myself is that once I set my mind to do something, nothing can actually stop me. I go for it with everything I’ve got. I mean EVERYTHING!  Ofcourse I have found myself in difficult positions because of this trait but I wouldn’t be where I am today were it not for the same trait.

Now I know this post today seems to be about “me, me, me” but I want to pose this same question to you: WHAT IS THE ONE THING YOU TRULY TRULY LIKE THE MOST ABOUT YOURSELF?

You don’t have to come up with the answer right now or today, just take time to be honest with yourself. You will be surprised at how much soul-searching you need to do. If you feel confident enough to share your answer with me , please do so by leaving a comment below. Also how long it took you to think of it.





Photography by Ciku Nyawira

Love Always

The Blendie 

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